Why M.A.S.D.

MASD Public School was incorporated in 1983 with a mission and a visionary dream to dispel the darkness of illiteracy and provide an innovative platform for young children to develop the skills and academic excellence. The institution has a glorious tradition of being committed to the cultivation of mind, body and spirit which helps our students to become balanced, disciplined, talented and competent human beings. Since its inception, the institution has grown from being the most successful private educational institution in Panipat to establishing itself as a major regional player in the educational world and has achieved tremendous success in being the Alma mater of a galaxy of outstanding students with an array of IAS, IPS, highly competent doctors and world renowned businessmen. The school believes that education is not merely an activity of providing information to the learners. It is rather meant for exploring the hidden talent in the young mind and providing an environment in which their mental faculties may bloom to their fullest. We try to inculcate and this is in the minds of our students along with a belief that there is no problem which cannot be solved, no hurdle which cannot be crossed. MASD Public School is a complete world in itself where education is a mission and learning is a fun. The School has a rich tradition of excellence since it's inception, catering to the educational needs of a large populace of students. As such, the school has already made excellent strides in all fields. The ultramodern facilities available in the school including Computer – aided – learning (Smart Class Rooms), e – Library and the Learning Management Systems along with sprawling playgrounds are some landmarks in this direction. In addition to that, team MASD has been working indefatigably to make learning activity oriented and much more interesting day by days.