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History Vision

History Vision


Maharaja Agarsen Shri S.D. Education Society (Sanatan Dharam Education Society) is a non-profit organization that has been a pioneer in the field of education since 1946. For over 63 years, Shri S.D. Education Society has been at the forefront of Quality Education in the state of Haryana. Shri S.D.Education Society also manages and runs different schools along with Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) and has emerged as one of the finest educational societies in India.The society has been whole heartedly committed to excellence and takes full responsibility for building a bright future of thousands of students every year.

Vision & Mission

The motto of the school is “Love & Service.” We aim to provide right opportunity and environment for a harmonious all round development of personality of the students by giving thorough general education and also conserving the cultural heritage of our country. We aim to in still in the students a sense of responsibility and initiative so that they turn out to be useful and dependable citizens.Thinking, feeling, involving, caring and loving are five genuine and penetrating pointers of advancement in quality teaching. The school in its pursuit for excellence has maintained high standards in terms of teaching, faculty, infrastructure and other related determinants of quality. All educational programmes are strictly adhere to the norms and standards set by the C.B.S.E. It is our Endeavour to be an institution committed towards innovation, knowledge sharing and openness to develop dedicated and sincere students who shall have passion for knowledge, team work and attitude. Our vision is to become a center of learning upon which the people may rely for holistic development of the personality of their children. For us, every child is unique and we aim at creating such an environment in the school which may prove out to be must conductive for all interest faculties in the mind of the children to bloom to their fullest.We work on with the mission to ensure that every child who comes to the school may leave the school with a promising future ahead.